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Mrs. Silveira's Happy Campers

This week students will be back on campus 5 days a week from (8-12.) Please have students at gate 7 by 8 am. pick up and drop off will be the same.  
                                                       DAILY OFFICE HOURS
I am available (M-  W) from 1 p.m.- 2 p.m. Thursday (1:00-1:30) 
Friday's I am available through e-mail, Go Guardian Chat. Friday's I also use to make tests up for students. 
A friendly reminder that every Thursday from 1:35- 2:05 in Music class. Students will need to join the music link. 


This week we are starting Module 6 ( Collecting and displaying Data)

1. Students will generate and organize data.  (Lesson 1)

2. Students will rotate tape diagrams vertically  (Lesson 2)

3. Students will create scaled bar graphs. (Lesson 3)

4. Students will solve one and two-step problems involving graphs ( Lesson 4)



We will be starting Unit 8 ( Weather and Climate) ( Week 2) 

Students will identify and summarize key events

Students will identify genre features ( Realistic Fiction)

Students will Analyze text features

Students will identify key details and the main idea

Students will practice the spelling pattern hard and soft /g/

ST  math: The goal is to complete 20 minutes daily  ( 90 minutes a week is the GOAL for
3rd grade)
Science:  Weather and Climate ( Stormy Skies) (  Third grade Mystery Science lesson) 
Math support sites
Splash Learn
My Path ELA and Math
Music is on Thursday from 1:35 to 2:05 Please be on time this class is for a grade. It's not optional 
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