Principal's Message



February 19th, 2021

Hello Wicklund Families,


We are so glad that our TK – 8th-grade hybrid students are returning to campus. To support their transition back to school, we have a few tips to help them transition back to school. These tips are also beneficial for our students who will still be distance learning. 


Social Connections

  • Encourage your student to continue building and maintaining social relationships. Please encourage them to stay social with their friends. Whether that be ensuring they talk to them at school, or opportunities to engage virtually through Zoom, video games, or offline by writing letters. 


  • Talk about routines and reestablish old habits. You might have a conversation regarding screen time; that during distance learning, they had a lot more screen time, but now that school is starting up again, you will be decreasing screen time. 
  • Set a bedtime routine and time as well as a morning routine. Students need to get adequate sleep, be fed, dressed, and ready for school in the morning. As students transition back, build in extra time to ease back into their typical school day routines. 
  • Consider creating two schedules for your student, a schedule for their asynchronous days and a school day plan. It is crucial to keep the bedtime and rise time around the same time. On the asynchronous days, build in opportunities for your student to connect with their peers. After creating the schedule, write it down and post it for your student.
  • Check-in on how your student's day went. Ask them to tell you a highlight of their day and something that may have been difficult and how they handled it.

Support your students social/emotional health

  • Stay connected to your child. Students do best when they feel supported and loved by their caregivers. From preschool through high school, students enjoy quality time with you. Spend time listening to them talk about their day, validate them, and empathize with their feelings. 
  • Focus on the positives. Help students find the positive things happening during a difficult time. Teach gratitude. Highlight the positives. You might say: "On one hand, this pandemic has not been easy. On the other hand, we've been able to spend more time together."
  • Please help your child work through their fears, worries, and anxiety. Ask them about their fears and then try to reassure them and problem solve. 


We appreciate our families and the team approach we have taken during this pandemic to support students. As you check in with your student if you are concerned about their social/emotional well-being, please contact our office (209) 836-7200. We have our counselor available to provide resources and support. 


As we return, if you have any questions about your student's return, their cohort, or need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


With appreciation,


Travis Manley - Principal