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May 7, 2015


The ONLY yearbook orders that will be accepted at this point in time will be ONLINE.  No checks/cash will be accepted. 


Here is the final ONLINE link to purchase yearbooks.  I’m only taking orders online at this point.  Thank you.


This is your LAST chance to purchase your yearbook WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!  This link will EXPIRE on May 29th!

A grassroots effort has been started to acknowledge and support the tragedy that is happening in Nepal.  All of the school sites within the district are participating in a Nickels for Nepal fundraiser.  It's very simple..... 

  • TWO decorated bottles will be placed on campus. (Two of my students are decorating them right now.)
  • One will be in the OFFICE where anyone who visits can deposit their money.
  • One will be in the MULTI near the microphone so students can donate at any time as well.
  • ASB MONEY COLLECTION ZIPPER POUCHES are being placed in your boxes.  When we announce the fundraiser each morning, please make your zipper pouch available to collect funds from students who may have them.

I DO NOT know how long this fundraiser is going, but we will continue to advertise through the morning announcements and via email blast to families from Mr. Gonzales.   Please share with your families in your classroom correspondence.

8th Grade Parents – The promotion field trip is the last week of school. We need 8th grade parents to complete LEVEL B volunteer clearance to be considered for chaperoning the 8th grade field trip to Six Flags Great America in Santa Clara.

Volunteer Application.pdf

7th and 8th grade parents who are interested in volunteering to chaperone dances or field trips must follow the new district guidelines regarding TB/ fingerprint/security clearances. It is critical that you begin this process NOW so that when our dates come up in the spring, we have an appropriate number of cleared chaperones and are eligible to go on these highly anticipated field trips.


Level “A” (1240 Form/TB Test/LiveScan) – dance chaperone, working on 8th grade end of year preparations with teaching staff present
Level “B” (1240 Form/TB Test/LiveScan/DOJ Clearance) – ALL FIELD TRIPS for 7th or 8th grade. 7th grade will be taking a trip to The Tech Museum and the 8th grade has our annual end of year field trip celebration.

ALL volunteers for these events can contact the school office for guidance on the forms to complete and steps that need to be taken to get cleared for volunteering here at school.

Ms. H