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Mrs. Glace- 3rd Grade

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* Reminders:
- Library is EVERY Wednesday at 11:30- remember your book!
- Practice multiplication tables at home! Use a timer. :-)
- Music Change- Music will now be held on Thursdays @ 12:35-1:05, starting April 22nd.
  • Students will begin Unit 8, Weather and Climate. 
  • Students will understand the purpose and meaning of metaphors in a literary text.
  • In this unit, students will read different poems and identify the central message.
  • Math Resources include: Zearn, Freckle, Moby Max, Xtra Math, Khan Academy, ST Math, Blooket
  • *Please Check the Math Resources site on Google Classroom
  • Focus: equivalent fractions, number lines, ordering fractions
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MUSIC class will be offered on Thursdays, from 1:05-1:35.