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Art on Wheels

Art on Wheels is an art education program designed to introduce K - 5th grade students at Wicklund Elementary School to different artists and art techniques. Once a month, a mobile art cart is used to bring art to each classroom. The classes are given an art history lesson followed by an art lesson recreating famous works of art. With the support of 30 parents, community volunteers and funding from the Wicklund School Foundation, Art on Wheels launched its first art lesson in October of the 2014-2015 school year. To conclude the program this school year, Art on Wheel has planned an art exhibit to be held in May. This will allow students to proudly showcase their work to parents and the community.

Art on Wheels is only made possible with the support of its volunteers, WSF, school administration and staff. If you have any questions about Art on Wheels, please email the programs Creator/Art Coordinator Laura Puryear: 
[email protected]

Feb. 21, 2015  Tracy Press "Arts on Wheels a treat for Mountain House kids"